The following roster is a list of active volunteer firefighters.  Our entire membership is comprised of active, exempt, social and lifetime members spanning multiple generations.
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Active MembershipRankStart Date
Active MembershipRankStart Date
Anderson, Karl Lieutenant 2009 
Anderson, Kristian Firefighter 2007 
Barbagli, Frank Firefighter  
Bean, William Firefighter 1986 
Bergamo, Joseph Firefighter 1977 
Bertonazzi, Matthew Firefighter  
Cavagnaro, Craig Lieutenant  
Consalo, Jennifer Firefighter 2015 
Cooper, Jon Firefighter  
Cooper, Josh Firefighter  
Cresci, Robert District Chief 1997 
D'Orazio, Michael Firefighter 2008 
Everly, Britton Firefighter  
Feaster, Ryan Firefighter 2001 
Finerfrock, Lindsey Firefighter  
Forosisky, Evan Captain 2010 
Foutz, Avery Firefighter  
Garton, Henry Firefighter 1994 
Graiff, Scott Firefighter  
Graiff, Steven Firefighter 1985 
Irvine, Michael Firefighter  
Koh, Michael Firefighter  
Low, Kay Firefighter 2015 
McCormick, Harry Firefighter 2011 
Murray, Brian Deputy Chief 2006 
Nieves, Pedro Firefighter 2014 
Rigo, Matthew Firefighter 2011 
Torres, Sisco Firefighter 1990 
Turner, Andrew Firefighter 2014 
Urgo, Michael Firefighter 2008 
Wiita, Matthew Firefighter  
Wolfe, Christopher Firefighter 2015 
Zanes, Shane Lieutenant 2015 
Zukovsky, Larry Firefighter 1997 
Showing 34 items